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Coffee Tables. Shown below are a few samples of tables made recently.
We make many designs, yours or ours to almost any size.
We can work with our customers to generate a design and we give free estimates.

Image of cedar and sycamore03.gif
Drift wood effect coffee table. This is a more formal interpretation of our driftwood coffee table. It is made in ripple Sycamore on the top and fragrant Cedar of Lebanon for the legs.
Apprx sizes 53 x 36 x 18inches. price  £1,250.
Image of driftv3.gif
Driftwood coffee table. This sturdy contemporary table has been made from recycled beams. The chunky legs have a driftwood look and texture. The top is made of Yew and the support rails are waney edged Elm. This table is apprx 4 foot square. price  £1,250.
Image of champagnea .jpg
Champagne Coffee Table. Exquisitely made from fine Elm, this table has centre panels with brass handles that open to store 5 bottles of champagne. All fret work is hand carved. This table is 5 foot by 3 foot and 18 inches high. This style and size of table costs £2,750.
Image of formala.jpg
Geometric Table. This traditional table is similar in construction to the Champagne coffee table, without the bottle compartments. The table is 4 foot square and the top panels are assembled in a series of triangles squares and rectangles. The centre ones are formed from burr Elm. price  £2,250.
Image of 2burrsa.jpg
Book Matched Burr Elm. This beautiful table is made from a single slab of burr Elm which has been cut in two and then joined to form a 'bookmatched' top. appx size 4 foot by 2 1/2 foot . price will vary subject to the availability, quality and size of the burry slab. appx  £850 - £2500 price range.
Image of burr elma.jpg
Paired Burr Elm coffee table. This unusual combination table is uniquely made to join together for everyday use, but can be parted to make two smaller occasional tables. It is styled from one single slab of Elm. price subect to availabilty. (£1000 - £2500)
Image of burrcherrya.jpg
Burr Cherry . This wonderful, natural, single slab of burr Cherry has been inlaid with burr Elm and mounted on Elm legs. A similar slab could be inlaid with glass or mirror if preferred. Once again, price is subject to availability. (£1500 - £2000).
Image of driftwood.gif
Driftwood Coffee table. An inspired table with a formal Elm top and heavy legs carved from salvaged beams of pitch pine, which originally came from Braco castle. (Some parts of the castle dated from the 14th century!) The original joiners marks can still be seen on the joints.This table is 5 foot by 3 foot. price £1,250.
Image of elm slaba.gif
Living Edge .A pretty coffee table made from a single piece of Elm. It has a 'living' or 'waney' edge from the original tree, remaining on both sides of the slab. It has simple Elm legs and stretchers. Appx size 4 foot by 3 foot. price     £750-£950.
Image of figured elma.gif
Figured Elm. This simply styled coffee table is similar to the living edge table but is made from a much more figured piece of Elm. size 3 foot by 2 foot. price may vary. range £750 - £950.
Image of iron and elma.gif
Iron and Elm. This table has a living edge Elm  top which complements the twisted wrought iron metal base. It has neat, hand turned bun feet in matching timber. Can be made in Oak. size 4 foot by 2 1/2 foot. price £650.
Image of scothomesa.gif
Scottish Homes Table. An unusual commission of a large, low, round table in Elm, traditionally crafted, in the same manner as our round dining tables, for 'Scottish Homes' main reception in Edinburgh. Their logo is inlaid on the top in Elm, Oak and Yew. 5 foot in diameter. p.o.a for similar works.
Image of violina.gif
Violin Coffee Table. An "one off " commission for a musician. Uniquely fashioned  from a single 2 1/2 inch thick slice of Cedar of Lebanon this table is inlaid with burr Elm. Each unusual design can be translated into the wood of your choice to reflect your lifestyle/personality. Violin size 36 inches wide and appx 60 inches long. Each specific design is priced depending on intricacy, size and the wood chosen.
Image of ian hunter tab.gif
Pedestal table. This elegant table has a  top in spalted Beech, whilst the pedestal base is in Cedar of Lebanon. appx size 4 foot by 3 foot. The top and base can be made from a variety of timbers priced accordingly. price £650.
Image of ripple sycamore.gif
Ripple Sycamore. A low, modern looking table with a beautiful satin ripple Sycamore planked top which has fine detail. The Beech legs are traditionally styled and this elegant table suits all types of homes. size 5 foot by 3 foot. price from £1,250.
Image of quern table.gif
Qwern table. This circular coffee table was inspired by ancient tables used to hold a qwern or grinding stone. The legs are made of burry Elm and the top is spalted Beech which gives an unusual random pattern. size 3 foot in diameter. price £650.
Image of logan tab 01.gif
Millenium . This magnificent, highly burry Elm table is for a fiftieth birthday present (as well as the new millenium). It was made from a very special single slab of burr Elm which is full of swirls and depth. It is of rare vaneer quality. 4 foot long by 3 foot wide. Not many like this one! Subject to availability and quality of burr. P.O.A
Image of calum cof t.gif
Burr Cherry Coffee table One of the fines tables made. This rare Cherry burr is inlaid with burr Elm and cold cast copper to complement the natural form of the piece.The delicate Elm legs are balanced to be aesthetically pleasing and functional as the slab is broader at one end than the other. This is a special commission for a 'special lady' and a new home. size 6 foot by 3 foot. price will vary subect to availability, quality and size of the wood. in the region of £2000 - £2500.

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