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The Scotia Bar, Manor Street, Falkirk.
entirely designed and built by the Woodworks. The main timbers used are Elm and Oak. All components parts were made in the workshop, installation took only 2 days to complete.

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The fielded panels were made using Burr Elm for the main section and warpy-edged Elm for the surrounding frames. These were held with 6 x 4 inch solid oak beams.

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All stools and chairs are made with mortice and tenon joints, which is the time honoured way of doing things!

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Benson's Gentlemens Outfitters, Nottingham.
a complete design and shop refit. All units were made from a single, beautiful Elm.


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Full length Cheval mirror with spectacular warpy-edged elm can be seen on the left. There is an unique Cufflink and valuables glass display case on the right of the picture.

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An end view of a suit display rack with a top shelf unit. Note the natural edge of the tree, which was milled in such a way as to repeat the shape throughout the 6 main units supplied to the shop.

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Here is a wall mounted shelf unit designed for displaying shirts and wall mounted rail underneath used for trousers. A low table in Burry Elm is also used to display smaller items.

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The Howwood Inn, Renfrewshire. This lively forty-seater restaurant required Woodworks to supply robust chairs and tables, mirrors and very unusual barstools. Elm and Cedar of Lebanon were the main timbers used (all cut, milled and kiln dried by us). The chairs have wrought iron bases and are from the "Chi Chi Valentine" range.

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All tables appear random, but they interlock to form larger tables when required.

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Most of the tables were made from large sections of timber and, where possible, only a single piece.