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Chi Chi Valentine. These chairs are made to our design in quarter sawn oak for the legs, elm for the seat and burr elm insets on the back ‘spine’. The shape of the back provides maximum support whilst retaining an eye catching look. These chairs can be tailored to suit individual needs, made in singles or sets. Price: from 425 each


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Chi Chi Valentine In metal and Elm. Both Practical and aesthetically pleasing. The frame is in tubular steel, powder coated in a variety of colours. The shaped spine back, whilst supportive is very comfortable. The spine is in burr elm with the seat also in elm. Price: from 350 each

Chi Chi Valentine Carver
Chi Chi Valentine Carver. This is the latest addition to our range, proving popular for both dining and studying. This chair is tailor made to the individuals’ specifications in order to derive the correct height and width for maximum comfort. Beautifully finished, this model is made in elm with burr elm insets. Price: from 850 Each

Image of gothic chair upa.gif
Gothic Carver. Made from oak, this chair derives some of its design from the structures of medieval timber framed buildings. The seat, back and arm angles are cleverly calculated for maximum comfort. Shown here upholstered in leather. Available with wooden base and back without upholstery.
Price: 650 Each.

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Glastonbury Chair. Similar in concept to the Gothic chair but in much heavier section Oak. Shown here button upholstered in black leather. Price: 750 Each


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Arthur. This chair has a seat height of 22 inches, and a back just under 5 foot.. The back is in burr elm and the frame in quarter sawn oak. from 750 each

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Merlin. The same dimensions as 'Athur' but in ripple sycamore. Fiddle backed with yew. Price:  from 750 Each

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Chi Chi Valentine Cocktail stools. frames are in oak, seats in elm. Burr elm inserts complete the backs.

Image of bar stool val 03a.gif
Chi Chi Valentine as above.


Image of bar stools ch 01.gif
Cocktail Stools. Oak frames and Elm seats with variations in the back panels. With mortis & tenon joints so they can stand  heavy use. Price: from 500 ea.


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Oak barstool. Similar in design to those shown above, but with a burr oak inset on the back rest and legs in spalted beech. Priced 500.

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'Oak Barstool' Shown with high table unit (and philip!)

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Lace back chairs. Originally made to a specification supplied by one of our customers, these chairs featured burr elm panels. We can make these with either figured elm, ripple sycamore or yew. Chairs from 500, Carvers from 550.

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Ribbed Back. A slightly different approach of the construction allows for the profile of a spine to be shaped into the back of this chair. Made in elm or oak (no carver available) 400

Image of waney panel chairs pair.gif
Waney Edge . These chairs have the same basic design but with a waney edged panel, in this case oak but it can vary, set in the back. from 500, carvers (not shown) from 550

Image of harlequin seta.gif
Harlequin Set. These chairs can be made to be a mixture of different styles and different woods. Although varied they work well together and of course can be added to at any time.

Image of waney edged bench.gif
Waney Bench. Sometimes a chair design can be adapted to fit a bench, or 'deluxe' carver. In this case we have made this a three seater that ran the full length of the table. The seat was made from a single piece of timber. 1,450.

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Carved Bar stool. Originally just for fun carved from a single tree trunk This stool now makes a centre piece in a very 'fun' bar.


Image of bar stool carved 01a.jpg



Arthur and Merlin are special chairs made as a pair in burr Elm and yew.